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PO Box 3054 Peterborough, NH 03458


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This is Boris- one of WAG's special needs pets -Boris is a loving, dog like cat. He is a Maine coone and will reward you with love and affection. His only issue is he needs to be on a special food for a urinary problem. He is hosuebroken.

I would like to support one of WAG's special needs Animals with a monthly pledge amount of:

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Room in your Heart

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"Special Needs" WAG cares for each animal for life. Animals that are ill or have other conditions that limit their adoptability become WAG's special needs animals. Your "Special Needs" donation will be used for these animals.


I would like a Membership in WAG.

Individual - $15 Junior - <17 - $10

Family - $25 Pet - $5

Sponsor - $45 Guardian Angel - $1,000


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A donation of $1,000 or more will qualify you as a Guardian Angel and a lifetime membership with WAG.

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Thank You
on behalf of the animals who cannot help themselves.