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   Have you given consideration about how to continue your legacy of caring and support for the homeless and abandoned animals by WAG after you are gone? By making important arrangements now you will insure that homeless, abandoned and stray animals will receive the warm shelter, nutritious food and medical care they so desperately need. They will know that someone cared - someone like YOU.

    A "Planned Gift" is one which you make during your lifetime but which is not received by WAG until some future date.

    A "planned gift" to WAG, We Are Animal Guardians, can allow you to realize significant financial gains while providing the needed (and worthwhile) support to WAG. With proper planning, your gift can fulfill your philanthropic and financial needs as well as fulfill WAG's goal of saving and caring for homeless, abused and abandoned animals.

Gifts During Your Lifetime

  • Gifts of Appreciated Property
        There are significant tax advantages available to you for making gifts to WAG during your lifetime. By making gifts of cash or appreciated property, such as stocks, bonds, or real estate, you are eligible for charitable income tax deductions. In addition, eligible gifts of appreciated property, allow the donor to take an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the property, allowing the donor to avoid costly capital gains taxes Your tax advisor or attorney can advise you on the most appropriate and advantageous way to make outright charitable gifts during your lifetime
  • Gifts that provide income to you
        A Charitable Remainder Trust is an irrevocable trust that pays income annually to you for the remainder of your life or for a specified term up to 20 years, and at the end of the term the remainder interest goes to help the animals at WAG. Charitable Remainder Trusts that pay you a fixed amount per year are called annuity trusts, while those whose payments fluctuate depending on the value of he assets are referred to as unitrusts. A significant charitable income tax deduction can be realized on the creation of Charitable Remainder Trusts of either type.

Gifts Upon Death - Your Will

The most common form of "planned gift" is made through your will.
Your will distributes your property in the manner that you wish when you die, and can also fund trusts for beneficiaries who lack the ability or desire to manage an inheritance. In your will, you can nominate your executor, the individual you prefer to administer your estate after your death. Properly planning your estate can even minimize estate taxes and the costs of settling your estate.. Any property left to a charitable organization, such as WAG, in your will be eligible for a charitable estate tax deduction, thereby lowering the overall value of a taxable estate.

You may wish to have your attorney notify WAG of the terms, conditions and circumstances of your estate. WAG is a fully tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization chartered by the IRS. Our Federal Tax I.D. Number is 02-0493781.

If you already have a will, you need only call your attorney and advise him of your interest in making a bequest to WAG. It may be that a bequest may be stated by the creation of a simple codicil to your existing will.

The following are examples of typical bequests:
  • A specific dollar amount:
    "I hereby devise and bequeath the sum of $20,000 to WAG, We Are Animal Guardians Inc. Weare, NH, for use for it general purposes "
  • A percentage of your estate:
    "I hereby devise and bequeath 50 percent (50%) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to WAG, We Are Animal Guardians Inc. Weare, NH, for use for its general purposes "
  • The remainder value after all other gifts to your family:
    "I hereby devise and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to WAG, We Are Animal Guardians Inc. Weare, NH, for use for your general purposes "
  • Other options can include, making specific bequests of items of tangible personal property or real estate

Gifts of Life Insurance

    You can make a gift of life insurance to care for homeless animals by naming WAG, We Are Animal Guardians, Inc as a beneficiary and owner of a new life insurance policy. You will receive a tax deduction on the premium that you pay each and every year. Another way of giving a gift of life insurance is to contribute an existing policy to WAG directly.

If you have additional questions about planned gifts, please feel free to contact your attorney or:

We Are Animal Guardians,: PO Box 572 Weare,  NH 03281
Phone: 503.529.5443 • Fax: 603.529.0260